Even in our current health-crazed obsession, Americans can’t resist the sweet temptation of desserts and other treats, especially cookie dough. And now that bakers have found the secret to edible cookie dough, there are so many more ways to enjoy cookie dough.

Even if you are already a big cookie dough fan, you may be surprised to find out that there is a lot you don’t know about this sweet treat. Check out these 10 fun facts about cookie dough.

1. Edible Cookie Dough Is Safe to Eat

The FDA has put out several warnings about the bacteria lurking in raw cookie dough that could cause gastrointestinal illnesses, but commercial cookie dough products where the dough is specially prepared to be eaten uncooked are not included in these warnings. Most manufacturers of pre-made commercial cookie dough use a heat treatment for flour and a pasteurization process for eggs which are known source of Salmonella.

2. Cookie Dough Goes With Everything

If you love being creative in the kitchen then you will love how versatile cookie dough really is. Besides baking cookies with it, you can also add it as filling to cupcakes, cakes and other desserts to add some extra sweetness.

Edible cookie dough also goes great with ice cream and as a topping on other sweet treats. Looking for specific treats to try? Make Oreo cookies at home from scratch and then stuff them with edible cookie dough or bake some donuts and use chocolate chip cookie dough custard as filling.

If you love truffles, they also taste really delicious with a cookie dough center. And if you want to add pizzazz to birthday cupcakes, add a cookie dough filling and then top with cookie dough frosting. Remember, there is never too much cookie dough in your life, right?

3. It is Cool to Eat Cookie Dough

Edible cookie dough is a hot trend right now that many entrepreneurs are trying to capitalize on. Edible cookie dough shops are popping up everywhere and it is the talk of the town in both big cities and little towns.

4. Cookie Dough Will Always Be a Classic

Did you know that the earliest cookie-style cake was invented in 7th century A.D. Persia? Historians say that the first cookies were used as “test cakes” to test out the batter. Cookie dough is a true classic.

5. The Best Things Happen by Accident

Chocolate chip cookies are probably the most popular type of cookies out there today, but did you know that they were first created by accident?

It happened in 1930 when Ruth Graves Wakefield was baking cookies for the guests at the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. She was trying to bake Chocolate Butter Drop Do cookies, an old colonial recipe, but had run out of baker’s chocolate.

To improvise, she decided to use a block of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate that Andrew Nestle of the Nestle company had given her instead. And to her surprise the chocolate didn’t just melt into the cookie dough but formed soft, gooey pieces of chocolate.

6. Refrigerated Cookie Dough Was Invented in the 50s

Have you ever wondered when the genius idea of commercially selling cookie dough started? It might surprise you to know that it goes all the way back to the 1950s, a time when women were still mostly making all food from scratch.

7. Do You Know How Many Chocolate Chips Are In a Nestle Chocolate Bar?

We are so used to seeing those teardrop shaped chocolate morsels in the baking aisle of the supermarket, but did you know that the classic recipe for chocolate chip cookies used chocolate bars instead? One Nestle chocolate bar actually equals 160 chocolate chips.

8. Even War Can’t Stop the Need for Cookie Dough

Food rations were a big concern during World War II so you would expect that baking cookies would be considered a luxury that most Americans couldn’t afford, but in actuality baking chocolate chip cookies reached new heights during the war because people at home were sending care packages with cookies to the soldiers on the front.

9. Did You Know That There Is Even a Museum Dedicated to Cookies in the U.S?

The National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum located within the Joplin Museum Complex in Joplin, Missouri, displays all sorts of cookie cutters from around the world.

10. Edible Cookie Dough Franchises Can Be A Great Moneymaker

Edible cookie dough makes a great concept for a franchise business. Edible cookie dough franchises are not just cookie cutter shops. There is so much room for creativity and fun as you get to create different flavors of edible cookie dough and combine it with ice cream and other sweet treats. Get your customers involved in choosing new flavors and everyone will feel invested in your edible cookie dough franchise.

Another thing that makes an edible cookie dough shop franchise unique is that it is generally an affordable business venture. While some franchises will run you in the millions to get up and running, edible cookie dough franchises tend to have more manageable franchise fees and overall costs.

One popular treat shop is DoDo Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream, which has two locations in Ocean City, Maryland. We have many cookie dough franchise opportunities available.

At DoDo’s, our specialty is mixing ice cream and edible cookie dough to create the ultimate sweet treat. We make fresh cookie dough daily and use a special pasteurization process that makes the cookie dough safe to consume uncooked. We are known for their variety of fun cookie dough flavors including chocolate chip, snicker doodle, sugar cookie, oatmeal, M&M, peanut butter, cake batter, naked and brownie batter.

At DoDo, we also offers 16 daily flavors of ice cream that can be combined with the cookie dough or enjoyed on their own. The simple, streamlined menu is easy to manage, but also leaves room for you to experiment with different creations and to offer a special dough of the day.

DoDo has franchising opportunities available so don’t miss your opportunity to become a part of one of the coolest new trends in sweet treats.

For more fun facts about cookie dough and information about DoDo, call us or send us a message today.

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