10 Fun Facts About Cookie Dough

Even in our current health-crazed obsession, Americans can’t resist the sweet temptation of desserts and other treats, especially cookie dough. And now that bakers have found the secret to edible cookie dough, there are so many more ways to enjoy cookie dough. Even if you are already a big cookie dough fan, you may be… Read more

Why Edible Cookie Dough for One Makes the Best Treat

We have all been there. After a long and busy day of work and chores, you just want to reward yourself with a little me time, right? Whether it is a long bath or curling up with a good book and a glass of wine, indulging ourselves a little is a great way to unwind… Read more

10 Most Popular Kinds of Cookie Dough in 2018

kinds of cookie dough

Edible cookie dough has been one of the sweetest trends of 2018 with all the fun flavors and the delicious ways they can be combined with ice cream and other desserts. Everywhere you turn, you are hearing about a new edible cookie dough business popping up offering you more temptation. Here are the 10 most… Read more

How to Operate a Cookie Dough Cafe Franchise

cookie dough cafe franchise

If you have never worked at a cookie dough cafe before, but are interested in the cookie dough cafe franchise business, the whole process might seem a little daunting. Don’t worry – cookie dough cafe franchises generally have relatively simple streamlined processes and don’t require as much upfront costs and equipment than other types of… Read more

How Is Cookie Dough Made?

how is cookie dough made

If you are more comfortable ordering food instead of making it, then baking cookies is probably not a favorite pastime. This holiday season though relive your childhood memories by whipping up some edible cookie dough to snack on. First you might be asking, how is edible cookie dough made? The key is in an eggless… Read more

Is It Safe to Eat Cookie Dough?

Is It Safe to Eat Cookie Dough

We are all probably guilty of it. It is hard to resist the sweet allure of raw cookie dough as we are baking cookies with our family even though we have been warned it could make us sick to our stomach. The FDA has put out several warnings about the bacteria lurking in raw cookie… Read more