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Eating cookie dough has been around for quite a while. Perhaps as long as mothers and grandmothers have been making cookies. Most people will have memories of trying to swipe their finger through the mixing bowl without getting caught. Today cookie dough is made to be eaten right from the package or combined with other yummy treats like ice cream. We thought we would share some cookie dough facts to help you understand this amazing treat.

Fun Facts About Cookie Dough

FACT: Cookie Dough is a Perfect Sweet Treat

Edible cookie dough is a versatile treat. One of the best things about cookie dough is that it provides a perfect balance of sweetness that does not overpower your taste buds. Whether you are scooping up some with a spoon (or your finger) or combining it will other ingredients for a delicious dessert, cookie dough will always be a crowd pleaser.

Cookie dough can be enjoyed in many different ways. Here are just a couple of our favorite ways to enjoy this terrific treat:

  • Ice Cream Mix-in – Ok, we can not take credit for this one, everyone has probably tasked some type of cookie dough ice cream. However, using cookie dough as a mix-in allows for some interesting combinations. Image for a moment standing before a buffet of your favorite ice cream flavors and next to them is a wide array of the best cookie doughs. You could make any combination you like. In the mood for a snickerdoodle cookie but want some smooth chocolate ice cream? Go ahead and enjoy them both at the same time!
  • Dipped in Chocolate – Chocolate covered cookie dough bonbons is a simple way to enjoy cookie dough whenever you want. Simply roll your edible cookie dough into small balls, dip in your favorite chocolate dip, and allow them to set. Viola! A quick simple treat. Bet you can’t eat just one!!

FACT: Cookie Dough is the Hottest Trend

Cookie dough has taken the dessert world by storm. Edible cookie dough franchises are some of the fastest growing small businesses in the country. There are no limits to a potential customer base since people of all types love cookie dough.

Cookie Dough has even been rumored to show up as buffet treats at a few celebrity parties. Party like an ‘A-Lister’ by indulging in your own cookie dough dreams.

FACT: Endless Possible Flavors

Just as there seem to be too many cookie recipes to count, the options of cookie dough flavors are equally endless. Cookie dough enthusiasts are constantly coming up with new and innovative flavors and ways to use cookie dough. Stop by one of our locations to find what flavors we are currently mixing up.

FACT: Most Edible Cookie Dough is Eggless

Unlike the cookie dough you may sneak a taste of from home, commercially produced cookie dough does not contain raw eggs, rather the eggs that are included are pasteurized to remove any harmful bacteria. Though some edible cookie doughs may be made with an egg substitute to aid in baking if you really wanted to cook them.

Now for Some Cookie Dough Myths

MYTH: Only Children Eat Cookie Dough

Unless you are referring to the child in all of us, one of the biggest myths is that only children eat cookie dough. Edible cookie dough can be a great treat for all ages. Cookie dough can be enjoyed in many ways and is always a big hit at parties or get-togethers.

MYTH: Eating Cookie Dough Can Make You Sick

Commercially made cookie dough is made with only the finest quality, safe ingredients. You will not find any raw eggs in this dough. The truth is that even most of the homemade cookie dough would not make you sick since most of the eggs are pasteurized and the FDA regulations limit the potential threat from raw flour.

MYTH: You Cannot Make Actual Cookies from Edible Cookie Dough

This is a common misconception surrounding edible cookie dough. Many believe that it is made to mimic the taste and texture of real cookie dough but could never be made into an actual cookie. However, this is a pretty big myth! While it is true that there are some imposters out there that produce edible cookie dough that would never survive the baking process, many edible cookie doughs can actually be used the old-fashioned way, to make cookies. Really though, what’s the point?

Are there any interesting facts or myths that you may know about cookie dough? We’d love for you to share them with us. Drop by and see us at one of our locations and join us in the love of cookie dough!

Are You Ready to Join in on the Fun?

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