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Edible cookie dough has begun a rapid ascent to quickly become one of the most popular sweet around. However, it does beg the question; how did this happen? In this article, we dive into a few of the ideas behind the mystery that is edible cookie dough. Why do you eat edible cookie dough? Maybe it is because of one of the cookie dough facts below.

The Desire for Nostalgia (and Perhaps Because You Were Told No as a Kid)

When it comes time to be an adult, most people make sure to indulge in things they were kept from as a kid. Some people we allowed to lick the spoon when mom or grandma were baking their favorite cookies, others, not quite.

Some edible cookie eaters admit that eating the treat now brings back fond memories of the wonderful sights and smells of a bygone era of homecooked meals and fresh baked cookies. Others admit that eating the dough is their way of being a little naughty, as they were never allowed to lick the spoon, and would not dare sneak a taste of the raw yumminess.

Millennials Looking for the “New” Thing

Millennials have changed the face of business in unimaginable ways. Not since the baby boomer generation has a group of consumers had such an impact on industries ranging from technology, environmental issues, and definitely the food industry. Millennials are always on the lookout for the next new thing, no matter how big it is, they want to be the first.

Edible cookie dough has become this generations apple pie with the combination of classic flavors and a new way to consume everyone’s favorite childhood treat. Gone are the days of stealing the refrigerated cookie dough meant for the bake sale cookies. Now you can get cookie dough that is made for eating!

Thank You College Students

Many of our favorite convenient treats gained momentum thanks to the crazy diets, schedules, and impulsivity of college students. Did you know that refrigerated cookie dough sales in a college town are over triple that of regular towns? And we know most dorm rooms do not have an oven! Surely more than one late night cram session has been accompanied by a half-eaten tube of cookie dough! Thanks in part to these crazy college students, edible cookie dough is now one of fastest rising treats.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Gone are the days of door to door magazine subscriptions, and even girl scout cookie sales are not what they used to be. These days it is all about convenience, and tubs of cookie dough fit right in. Cookie dough fundraisers are one of the highest grossing fundraisers utilized by schools, athletic teams, church youth groups, and many other small groups. Fundraising items have to be carefully chosen for a combination of popularity and income potential. Products that end up as fundraisers are usually a good sign of popularity.

Celebrity Habits

Since the dawn of the time, especially since the inception of social media and Reality TV, people love to imitate their favorite celebrities. Celebrities of all types have shared their love of eating edible cookie dough on their social media accounts, during interviews, and even on live TV. Superstar Tayler Swift admitted that a tub of cookie dough is always in her refrigerator!

Less Guilt Than Cookies

Most edible cookie dough recipes have ingredients and calories close to that of premium ice cream. The ingredients used to make the edible cookie dough safer than traditional raw dough have fewer calories. This means that ounce per ounce edible cookie dough has fewer calories. Unlike commercial cookies, where it is not uncommon for one convenience store cookie to contain over 400 calories!! Edible cookie dough lets you indulge in the sweet cookie taste with less guilt than grabbing for those cookies.

Less guilt is also had by the non-bakers among us. There is no longer a requirement that one needs to learn how to make the perfect cookie in order to produce crowd-pleasing cookie flavored desserts and yummy treats. Just grab some of your favorite edible cookie dough and leave the oven off.

Better than Ice Cream Alone

Cookie dough ice cream flavors have been around for a while and are wildly popular. Additionally, combining favorite treats with ice cream is nothing new either. So, it should come as no surprise that edible cookie dough eaters love the combination of their favorite cookie dough flavors combined with smooth, cold ice cream. A nod to the classic ice cream sandwich with a modern twist that you can eat with a spoon. What could possibly be better?

How to Benefit from Edible Cookie Dough’s Popularity

The popularity of edible cookie dough does not appear to be waning any time soon. This is the perfect time to profit from the trend by getting your own edible cookie dough franchise! A franchise offers the perfect blend of a successful small business model and support to ensure the proper start for your new business.

DoDo Cookie Dough & Ice Cream proudly runs two separate locations to serve their customers in Ocean City. Looking to expand the brand, DoDo has decided to offer franchise opportunities to qualified people looking to join the edible cookie dough industry. Dodo’s owner is no stranger to the ups and downs that owning a small business must endure. Making this the perfect franchise for first timers looking to cash in on a fast-growing business.

It won’t be long before anyone can ask Google or Siri for “edible cookie dough near me” and be able to edible cookie shops in every major city across the country. The time is now to get in as the boom has just begun. Check out more on this amazing franchise opportunity today. You will not regret the chance to become part of a franchise business with a partnership that is committed to your success. DoDo Cookie Dough & Ice Cream can be the way to see your business dreams become a reality!

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