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Does eating a bowl of cookie dough sound wonderful to you? Thanks to the developing trend of specialty dessert shops, edible cookie dough franchises are becoming available all over the country. Now is the perfect time to bring the first one to your neighborhood.

But is it safe to eat cookie dough? Absolutely! Manufacturers of edible cookie dough use a heat and pasteurization process that removes the risk of bacteria, so you can enjoy your favorite treats guilt-free.

Sounds great, right? But it isn’t all sweet treats and fun to run your own business. There are several factors that determine your success and help take your business to the next level.

Here are 7 tips to help you get the most out of your new business

1. Choose your location carefully

Picking the perfect location for your franchise is one of the biggest decisions you will make when planning for your business and as such, it should be well researched. There are a few things to look for while searching:

  • Is it convenient to get to? Everyone loves convenience! Your location needs to be easily accessible with enough parking available to accommodate all of your customers.
  • Is there heavy traffic in the area? Placing your franchise in the middle of a well-established part of town that has steady traffic will ensure you’re getting the foot-traffic you need.
  • What are the size and cost? There needs to be a balance between having enough space without cost-prohibitive prices. If the rent or mortgage is too high, it will raise your overhead and cut into your profits.
  • What is close-by? Dessert is often an impulse buy or tied to special occasions. Close proximity to restaurants will increase the likelihood of people popping in after dinner. On the other hand, it’s important to make sure competitors aren’t so close that you’ll be fighting for business.

2.  Be the First in the Area

Cookie dough is trending right now, and the best way to ensure your success is to be the first to offer it as an option in your area. There’s a reason they say “the early bird gets the worm.” Now is the time to exercise your creative muscles and draw in traffic with unique options that have little competition.

Additionally, being first is a free marketing boost. A new and exciting idea is much more memorable than another ice cream shop and is likely to bring in footfall just by being new.

3. Experiment with New Flavors

While everyone can appreciate the traditional flavors of sugar, chocolate chip, and oatmeal, you can bet the competition will be offering all of the same options. A fun fact about cookie dough is that it’s extremely versatile. There are so many things you can do with it or add to it that totally change the flavor.

Seasonal flavors are a great way to start spreading your creative wings. Think gingerbread and pumpkin offerings for fall, and tropical additions like coconut in the summer. From there the options are endless!

4. Cater to Dietary Restrictions

More and more people are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. While it can seem that sweets don’t have a place in a healthy diet, there are a few different ways to have the treat without the guilt.

Low sugar, vegan, and glute-free alternatives will help your edible cookie dough franchise be inclusive for the whole family. No one likes to be left out, so the more options you offer the better the customer experience. Another cookie dough fact, there are even allergy-free options available.

Sweets are a popular way for people to celebrate big occasions, and that almost always includes a group with differing preferences. Having something for everyone will ensure that you stand out amongst the competition and keep people coming back again and again.

5. Make it Sweeter

Sure, everyone loves cookie dough. But who doesn’t love ice cream?

Why not mix specialty ice cream with delicious cookie dough to create the ultimate sweet treat? Incorporating one of the best ice cream franchises out there with your edible cookie dough will add a whole new level to your business.

There are so many options to mix and match, customers will be able to have a new experience every time! That’s exponentially growing your market as well, as either treat can be enjoyed on its own or mixed together for a totally different texture.

6. Get Involved in the Community

Drawing people into your business is going to be your main focus and developing a relationship with your community is going to help immensely. Community outreach programs and charity work will work wonders for getting your name out there and building trust with local businesses and future customers.

Word of mouth is extremely powerful and cost-effective marketing!

Dessert shops are a vital part of communities because they bring people together. Everyone likes cookie dough, it’s accessible to people of all ages, and it’s a low-cost luxury that anyone can enjoy.

7. Offer Competitive Pricing

Pricing is always a complicated factor; you want to provide an affordable product while still making a profit. You need to have a well-developed business plan that factors in the cost of comparable options and your overhead costs to be successful.

These factors will help you on your way to making money with your edible cookie dough franchise, but there are so many more out there! One of the wonderful things about edible cookie dough franchises is that they can be as unique as the communities they’re being brought into and they leave so much space open for creativity.

This is an amazing opportunity to rekindle the love for traditional home-baked treats by incorporating local flavors and exclusive pairings.

Remember that the experience is meant to be shared in a fun atmosphere. Sugar is a mood lifter after all! Take advantage of the opportunity to bring the community together and enjoy the company of others over a delicious treat.

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