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Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to invest in a franchise? Not every person can be successful in a franchise just because they possess the desire. You may be surprised to find out the personality traits that are most commonly found in the most successful franchisers.

It is definitely not required that you possess every one of the personality traits listed, but the more you possess, the greater your potential for success. Those with fewer of these traits will have to be more determined.


An adaptive individual has the ability to be flexible. Owning any type of business will have times where things just will not go as planned; being adaptive can save you a ton of headaches.


A business franchisee must be able to communicate with other business professional, authorities, banks, and other people that will expect to deal with someone who can clearly communicate their needs, questions, and views.


One major personality trait of most business owners is the desire to reach successful heights; otherwise, why waste your time. We’re betting if you are reading this you already have some big aspirations.


Many business aspects involve using a bit of charm. Sure, maybe it should not be that way, but most of us gravitate toward individuals with charisma naturally. Other business people, even customers respond well to charismatic individuals.


This personality trait refers to individuals that are able to think clearly even when everything around them is in chaos. This means that no matter what you can keep moving in a positive direction.


Businesses succeed and fail on personal connections. People need to believe that they matter, being compassionate will automatically give those around you a better feeling.


Confidence is attractive and contagious, a great trait to have in business. However, this trait can swing too far into conceited if not kept in check.


This one should be a no-brainer. Most business is all about cooperation and compromise. Cooperative individuals are the most likely to succeed in any business venture.


Starting any type of business venture, no matter how big or small comes with at least a little risk. It takes courage to take that risk, some more than others, but all courage that should be recognized and honored.


Very similar to courage, daring is a willingness to jump into the unknown. No matter how much preparation and foundational support a business may have, there is always that moment when you have to decide to jump or turn around.


Success in business depends on being disciplined, staying on task, even when you have no one telling you what to do.


A certain level of enthusiasm will help propel a business forward when times are difficult. A great way to remain enthusiastic is to focus on small goals that are constantly updated.


We all have areas where we are more flexible than others, and that is great. All business owners have to have at least a willingness to be flexible if it is necessary.


We’ve all encountered someone that is just friendly by nature, much like charisma, it is a personality trait that can be very magnetic.


Another no-brainer, being a someone with a strong work ethic leads many people to successful heights that others just may not reach.


All successful businesses are built on a foundation of honesty. People want to know they are dealing with someone with integrity.


No one is perfect, and the best business professionals are willing to recognize and admit when they are wrong.


A successful business owner will have the ability to go it alone and pave their own way at times. Although a huge benefit to good franchises is that you are never completely alone.


This one could be considered almost intuition, sometimes being able to recognize things in advance can save you from disasters. A business that falls short of being insightful often suffer the consequences.


Leadership is one of the most important traits in good business professionals of all types. Leaders will move a business forward, providing energy and momentum.


All too often individuals get drawn in by personal issues or points of view. The ability to remain objective allows you to see more angles, leading to more well-informed action.


Being observant will allow you to see things before they become trouble, or the alternative sees benefits in advance.


Optimism is one of those traits that are lacking in many areas. Being optimistic (yet realistic) in business keeps things more positive.


Closely related to discipline, business often requires a certain amount of organization. Though admittedly organized chaos can also fuel many successful people.


Passion can be a strong, driving force in both business, friendship, and personal lives. The ability to embrace something you find passion in is a strong motivator.


We all wish everything in business was instant, unfortunately, patience is tested often in business. Making this a very important trait to have.


Similar traits are on this list, however, being persuasive is a more active trait that charisma. The ability to coax people in thought, idea, or action is a powerful trait to possess.


Every business owner needs to be practical; you cannot do all the things at once. Being practical allows you to prioritize effectively.


Most people in the business world cannot stand to deal with individuals who are not punctual. Some even take it as a personal insult if you are late for a meeting, or are not where you promised to be. Even if this isn’t an innate trait of yours, you should do your best to present yourself as punctual.


Being realistic will help keep you grounded in business. Is it important to dream? Absolutely, but there is a time to focus and a time to dream, they shouldn’t mix too much.


Everyone wants to be reliable and know they can rely on others. This is not only true in business, but it is very important.


Business comes with great responsibilities, and you must be up to the weight of those responsibilities.


The goal of any business is to become self-sufficient, and this is often guided by individuals that possess the trait.


Anytime you deal with people, sympathy (and empathy) are important traits, no one wants to be seen as cold-hearted.


The primary trait everyone in business should focus on is trust. When you are trustworthy it often rolls off of you, easily seen or felt by people.


Business owners have a habit of throwing themselves into a business, forsaking everything else. This quickly leads to burnout. Being well-rounded helps keep you from being buried in all things business-related.

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