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If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you can easily get overwhelmed by the number of options out there. There are almost as many types of businesses available as there are kinds of cookie dough!

So how do you know which one is right for you? Luckily, just knowing the kind of person that you are can help you decide. There are some traits that are shared amongst thriving business owners that can be important in determining whether you have what it takes.

Of course, people who love what they do also have higher job satisfaction and are generally happier.

So let’s take a look at some important cookie dough facts. Is it safe to eat cookie dough? Of course! Thanks to a process of pasteurization that removes potentially harmful bacteria, properly manufactured cookie dough is completely safe.

And how is cookie dough made? First, combine brown sugar and butter in a large bowl until smooth. Next, use an electric mixer to beat in vanilla extract and salt. Finally, add flour until the mixture forms a dough. From there you can include dozens of flavors or add-ins to create a unique treat.

How simple is that? Almost anyone can do it!

If all of this sounds good so far, you fall under one of these categories and have the resources available to you, then opening your own cookie dough franchise is an excellent option for your future.

1. The Cookie Dough Lover

It might seem obvious, but it’s a good rule of thumb that you should love what you’re selling! You’ll be spending the majority of your time working on your business, sharing it with your community, and testing new flavors to stay competitive. If you love cookie dough, working won’t feel like a job.

Additionally, an experienced cookie dough taster should have good ideas for new mix-ins to try.

2. The Problem Solver

Businesses exist to solve a problem in the community. While not having enough options for sweet treats may not seem like a pressing problem, it’s about much more than just cookie dough.

Sweet shops bring people together and are often used to celebrate special occasions, but if the only option in your area is ice cream things can get boring pretty fast.

As a business owner, it is important to recognize problems and create innovative solutions to that your new cookie business is relevant and successful, right from the start.

3. The Hard Worker

Owning and operating a business is no small task, especially at the beginning. While the income can become passive over time, the initial stages are almost always extremely work-intensive.

In the planning stages, it can seem like a lot of work is put in without a lot of output. Not to mention the effort it takes to train an entire staff from scratch while building them into a team.

A hard worker will be able to stay dedicated through setbacks and push through to the final product.

4. The Creative

Innovation and adaptability are integral parts of success. The cookie business is still relatively new, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be the first to open one in your area. However, it’s unlikely you’ll remain the only option for long.

To stay competitive and be successful, your business will need to offer different options than competitors. Also to prevent boredom, periodic updates to the menu are a must.

These are tasks best suited for people who are creatively inclined and enjoy experimenting with new flavor pairings and bold options.

5. The Superhero

Starting a cookie business is not for the faint of heart! Not everyone is brave enough to take a big risk like bringing the first business of its kind to the neighborhood. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of planning and preparation it takes before you can even get started.

If you can keep ten plates spinning at once without breaking a sweat, then you’re well-suited for business ownership.

6. The Social Butterfly

From the very beginning, you are going to be the face of your business. Before anyone even knows what you’re selling, you’re going to be out there building relationships with local business owners and community members.

Additionally, the service industry is all about the customer experience which includes the atmosphere and demeanor of the staff. As the business owner, you will be the leader and set an example of how your staff should interact with the community.

It’s vital to be friendly and enjoy the company of others! If friendly just isn’t in your nature and you can’t seem to master the art of small-talk, it’s a good bet that a cookie business isn’t the right choice for you.

7. The Helping Hand

If you are always there to lend a hand for someone in need, you will be successful in engaging with the community and you’ll make a good leader for your staff. People who can’t ask for help are less likely to give help, and that definitely not the kind of staff you want to have.

Leading by example and helping out where needed will ensure that your business runs smoothly, particularly in the beginning.

Also, offering help in the community and participating in charity work is an excellent way to build trust with your neighbors. That trust can blossom into a partnership with another local business that offers complementary services.

It will also make sure customers are motivated to give you their business right from the start and keep them coming back for years to come.

Not everyone is cut out to own their own business, and there are several factors that have to be carefully considered before making such a huge and important decision. And not all business owners are going to find joy in owning a cookie business. But if you identify with one or more of the personality types above, have a sweet tooth, and a desire to be your own boss, you could be a perfect fit.

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