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Can you believe that we’re already halfway into the year already? If you’re an avid follower of ours, we hope that you’re seriously thinking about DoDo Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream as one of the best franchises to invest in 2019.

Reasons Behind DoDo Being One of the Best Franchises to Invest in 2019

Still on the fence whether investing in a DoDo franchise is the best way to go? Let these factors convince you that DoDo is the best ice cream franchise to invest in 2019:

1. America loves ice cream

Did you know that the U.S. is one of the top ice cream consumers in the world? We’re second only to New Zealand in terms of ice cream consumption per capita.

In terms of U.S. states, California topped the list in 2018 for the biggest number of ice cream eaters, followed by Oklahoma and Washington D.C. Meanwhile, sitting at number 12 is Maryland, where DoDo has set up shop in two locations.

Now, imagine tapping just a tiny fraction of those locations with your own ice cream franchise. The risk is already diminished when you know that a lot of people continue to love ice cream!

2. DoDo has lots of flavors

Who doesn’t like an ice cream shop with several flavors to choose from? At DoDo, we encourage you to experiment with our current crop of ice cream flavors by mixing and matching them!

  • Choose from ice cream classics such as Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Praline Pecan.
  • Try out some unique and exciting flavors like Minty Moose, Salted Bananas Foster, and Rainbow Cream?
  • How about having your own cookie dough franchise? You may offer cookie dough flavors such as Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, and Oatmeal M&M.

Check out our product menu for a list of flavors to try out in your own shop.

3. Freshness and quality are guaranteed

We believe the quality is the best product feature that we can offer our customers, and it’s our goal for potential franchisees (like you!) to embrace this mission as well. We at DoDo take pride in fresh and high-quality ice cream products sourced locally.

4. Our edible cookie dough is perfectly safe

Uncooked eggs have earned a bad reputation for being unsafe for gastrointestinal health. At the same time, though, we at DoDo know how insanely delicious cookie dough is!

This is the reason why we make our cookie dough franchise products through a special pasteurization technique that takes out the risk in uncooked eggs. All of the edible cookie dough are made in-house, and we can attest to the quality and food safety of our products.

If you know some people asking “where can I eat edible cookie dough near me?”, your own DoDo store may be the answer to their cravings!

5. We have an exciting business concept

With our idea to mix and match ice cream flavors, you won’t get bored with the product line from DoDo! We give our franchisees the opportunity to expand their creative minds and come up with ice cream combinations that tickle the fancy of consumers. Our wide range of flavors will be able to give you this leeway.

Here’s an insider tip: Offer the Double or Triple scoop to your customers and invite them to combine regular ice cream flavors with our lip-smacking edible cookie dough!

6. Our business model is easy to follow

The best thing about franchise opportunities is that the guesswork of starting your own business isn’t needed anymore. Much of the dirty work involved in creating the brand and developing the business model has already been streamlined, and it’s the same with a DoDo franchise.

Here’s our promise to you: Our business model is extremely easy to follow and will allow you to run your own ice cream shop quickly. In addition, we offer lower franchise startup costs that can compete with other similar franchise opportunities.

That’s why we can say that our brand is one of the most business-friendly franchises in this side of the world.

Just a side note: If we’re talking about franchise costs, make sure that you prepare your funds to get your own franchise.

  • First off, ask the franchisor about the fees and expenses that you expect to incur. Don’t hesitate to inquire about details, including payments for local zoning laws or permits as necessary.
  • Come up with a budget that you can work on. Don’t reach for the moon, but don’t be too risk-averse to the point that you end up not pushing through with the business.
  • Save up for the costs. If you can start your business without taking out any kind of loan, that would be amazing in terms of your business financials in the long run.

7. We love our customers!

If there’s any source of motivation that any business startup should have, it should be the customers. DoDo has been known for its customer satisfaction not only because of the delicious ice cream products but also due to the amazing experience that customers receive in the shop.

One of the best ways for us to assure customer loyalty is by asking them for ideas on ice cream flavors that they would want to see in the DoDo menu. By sharing this idea generation to your clients, you’re effectively making them part of the brand that the community will come to love.

If your passion is to give your customers the best products and service, then DoDo is the best ice cream franchise for you.

8. DoDo is a growing brand

Most startups may struggle in building their own brand because they’re starting from scratch. What’s great about franchises is that the branding has been developed and strengthened through time and experience.

This is especially true for DoDo Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream because we have developed a strong market presence in Maryland. Locals have continued to line up in our ice cream shops, and we’re confident that this same situation will happen in your own DoDo store.

How To Invest in a DoDo Franchise

The first step to grab the opportunity of running your own DoDo Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream shop is to go to our Franchising page and fill out the inquiry form. We will reply to you as soon as possible and send more information about one of the best ice cream franchises to invest in 2019.

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