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There is a booming economy in Maryland and now is the best time for new businesses to get a piece of the growing pie. Maryland is growing and can be a great location for starting a new business and allow you to grow bigger and faster than you likely ever dreamed. But why is Maryland a great place to start a business? The answers may surprise you… read on to get all the details.

Location, Location, Location

Maryland’s location to the crazy world of Washington, D.C. allows businesses a unique opportunity to draw customers that can potentially share their love for a great business all over the country. Imagine the growth potential if a congressional staff member visits your business… businesses that provide excellent product and fantastic service have exploded after such visits. In the current climate, word of mouth can be a huge part of marketing, and Washington, D.C. offers more of that potential than any other place in the country.

Communities that Care

Focusing on the local communities, Maryland repeated touts some of the best community support of all states. Community support plays a key role in the success of much new businesses. The reality is that a community can make or break a business in a very short amount of time. The communities in Maryland enjoy supporting small businesses, knowing they are important to the community as a whole. Buying locally is not a ‘fly by night’ idea, in Maryland, it is simply a way of life.

Local Government Support

State and local government officials in Maryland are committed to encouraging and allowing small business to take root and grow. As a result, businesses are becoming more successful in Maryland in a shorter amount of time than many other locations around the nation. There is really no better situation for a business that to be supported by their government officials and customers.

Growing Labor Force

Unemployment rates in Maryland have plummeted in recent years and there has been a huge boost in population growth. All of this means that there are more employable individuals than ever before. When a labor force is low, businesses are often forced to employ less than desirable individuals just to fill their staff. When a labor force is strong, businesses are able to compete for qualified employees, which reduces turnover rates and employee satisfaction. All of which, makes for a happier and more successful business.

Resources for Small Business Owners

Maryland’s proximity to the nation’s capital offers some amazing opportunities for small business owners, from mentoring, to one on one help, the possibilities are nearly endless for new business owners to get help with just about any part of their business.

The best resource for Maryland business is the Maryland partnership with SCORE. SCORE is a nationwide network of businesses that offer their expertise on a volunteer basis to individual business in the form of mentoring, free online courses, and a huge library of resources. Maryland currently has 6 local SCORE offices to assist business owners in every aspect of the business from business planning to expansion and franchising.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Another advantage to being in close proximity to D.C. is that Maryland has direct connections to the SBA. The Small Business Administration offers small business owners several opportunities for services for financing and counseling. They are also the direct route to apply for federal business assistance.

Maryland Small Business Development Centers

Further proof of Maryland’s dedication to providing every possible avenue of support for their small businesses. They offer several development centers across the state, that give business owners assistance with business planning, training, and individual consulting services.

Best Franchise Opportunity in Maryland

One of the best ways to start a new business is to do so with a foundation of success. Franchises are a great option for people that want to start their own business without the trouble of starting from scratch.

There are plenty of franchise options, but why go with just any franchise when you can partner with the best. DoDo Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream offers potential business owners an amazing opportunity to benefit from their huge success.

DoDo offers a simple business model with tons of room for new business owners to grow a successful business. There is simply no other franchise that can offer proven success and customer satisfaction. What sets DoDo apart is their always changing edible cookie dough and yummy ice cream combinations. Customers love the innovative recipes and DoDo’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

A franchise with DoDo means a partnership with a company that understands the unique experience and challenges that new businesses, especially small business, face. Their growth and success have allowed them to expand to multiple locations in a relatively short amount of time.

Still Wondering…

If you are still wondering if a new business is right for you, that is fine. A new business venture of any type is not something anyone should jump into. Here are a few reasons a DoDo franchise is a great option for many considering a new small business:

  • Booming Trend – edible cookie dough is one of the fastest-growing foodservice business across the U.S., we are giving you the opportunity to get in early before the market is saturated.
  • Everyone Loves Cookie Dough – okay, almost everybody loves cookie dough, for those that don’t, we offer yummy ice cream too; or get them both for a scrumptious treat!
  • Affordable – Franchise costs can run into the hundreds of thousands. We offer lower franchise fees and overall costs than most other franchise opportunities.
  • Expandable Business Opportunity – many franchises limit your expansion options; some may only allow you one location. DoDo not only supports but encourage expansion. Help us carry our brand far and wide.

Ready to Build Your Cookie Dough Empire?

There is simply no better opportunity and it may not be available forever. When you are ready to take the next step toward owning your own franchise, check out our franchise opportunities, send us your contact information and get ready to conquer your franchise goals. With DoDo Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream, we are here to make you sweet dreams come true.

Cookie Dough Franchising

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